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A little while ago, I came to a sudden realisation that most of us want an easy life (Better to come to this realisation now then never right!).

Life happens, people do not want to be in your life, but they have to be. Do they have a choice? Are they just going with the flow?

Some people have been in your life for many years.

As family: parents, siblings, husband, wives, children, you have to get along- for an easy life.

As friends who are more family than friends, whom you want to be with because they make your life easier.

What would you sacrifice, for an easy life, your partner whom you choose to be with and your children whom you choose to have?

For your extended family with whom you have had Sh*T hanging over you all your life, that you unfortunately can’t deal with.

It’s easy to deal with the easier option, than to deal with stuff you have grown up with(upbringing, other people’s opinions & beliefs of you, your inability to see the situation for what it is), you can bury you head in the sand right? After all it’s all going to be there tomorrow. You can deal with it later, of course in some cases later just never comes.

I know that I had been going with the flow, for easier life for a long time. Things happen and you have got to ask yourself how long do you carry on? Do you challenge your situation?  And come out the other side wanting the best from life? Be it relationships, weight issues, health or fitness?

Question is dose one want an easy life or does one move on deal with your shit and face the consequences – makes life more interesting…

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