Every year, companies throughout the UK lose millions of pounds
as a direct result of stress in the workplace through;

  • reduced work performance
  • illness
  • poor time keeping
  • general absenteeism
  • increased staff turnover

Data recently collated by the Health and Safety Executive suggests that every year some 563,000 individuals in the UK suffer from work-related stress, depression or anxiety, costing industry millions of pounds

What are the benefits?

Reflexology and Indian Head Massage are ideal therapies to help people combat stress and achieve a better work life balance. Shilpa can visit your office and give treatments that are aimed at reducing the effects of stress and promoting a healthy and happy workforce.

What to expect during a corporate treatment.
A quiet room will be needed for the duration of the treatments. I will provide a recliner chair for the reflexology treatments and will require a low backed chair to carry out Indian Head Massage. Each treatment lasts 20 minutes per person, (requiring 30 minute time slots).
Benefits from Corporate therapies:

  • Increases productivity, mental clarity and creativity of staff
  • Improves staff morale and job satisfaction, creating a happy workplace environment and improving retention figures
  • A significant reduction in health care, sick benefit and staff-turnover costs

There are three different options to pay for these invaluable therapies:

You can choose either:

  • A day rate (paid for by the Company)
  • A treatment session rate (paid for by the Employee)
  • Or a combination of both (company and employee split the cost)

You can choose to have these treatments provided as an ongoing service (weekly, every other week, or monthly), or for one-off events such as a reward for hitting performance targets, team-building events and other staff motivation exercises

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