Shilpa has trained with Alexander and is incorporating this system in her treatments.


An assessment is carried out with some simple checks to see whether the pelvis is misaligned.

A misaligned pelvis can cause any number of muscular problems.


When the sacroiliac joint---the major joint in the pelvis---tilts in the wrong direction or becomes stuck, it can create a domino effect that results in tightness in the hamstrings, adductors, hip flexors, or lower back.

If it is misaligned, then I will treat using Alexander’s technique, which combines diagnostic training with Shiatsu techniques and the Japanese 'Sotai' stretching exercises to increase flexibility and retrain the body.

Treatments take place fully clothed and lying down on a massage couch and are usually pain free, but this depends on the severity of the symptoms in the first place. No invasive manipulation is involved. Exercises and stretches are taught to clients for home use

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